Frequently asked Questions


How safe is the child amber jewellery?

  • Each bead is individually knotted on strong, rot proof cord and fastened with a secure resin screw clasp in a matching colour. In the unlikely event that the cord should break, only one small bead will be released.


How do I know I am buying genuine amber?

Only buy from recognised amber dealers and specialists who provide a guarantee - and who will also ensure a refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


  • Our reputation has been built over the last twenty years that we only deal in genuine amber. David, who has a BSc (Hons) in Physics and Chemistry  is a recognised authority of amber and is asked to authenticate amber for collectors and also for insurance purposes.


How can I test that I have bought genuine amber?

There are two tests that can be carried out at home to check the authenticity of amber.

  • The simplest test is to heat a needle and hold it against the amber. The needle has to be hot enough for a puff of smoke to appear when held against the gem. The smoke should smell of pine resin. If the smell is of burning plastic, then you have plastic. The disadvantage of this test is that it marks the amber.

  • Another good test is to put the amber into a cup of salty water i.e. a solution of two teaspoons of salt in half a cup of water. Amber will float, plastic will sink. This only works if the amber is not part of an item of jewellery, either strung, as the cord will not float when wet, nor will it float if it is part of an item containing metal.


Is it true there is a shortage of Baltic amber?

  • Yes, today Baltic amber is in great demand and short supply.

  • The great mine in Sambia, the lone outpost of the Russian Federation in the Kaliningrad Oblast, situated on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania, was flooded in 2004.

  • This mine is said to contain upwards of 85% of the world’s supply of Baltic amber.

  • Initially no one was too worried by this as there was a substantial stockpile of amber. But as the years have passed it is apparent that the Russian government will allow the mine to stay submerged - and the amber stock pile has now been used up.

  • Production is rumoured to be down by 90 per cent or less of what it was previously.



Does the suggested healing effect of amber work?

  • Very little research has been conducted into the healing properties of this fascinating gem. Instead the main study has been the flora and fauna (known as inclusions) trapped in the resin. The inclusions in Baltic amber are between forty and sixty million years old. Truly a window into the past.

  • Baltic amber contains significant levels of succinic acid. It is thought by some that this is absorbed into the skin and has an analgesic effect (the same principal as a nicotine patch) which has a calming effect and also acts as a pain reliever.

  • Amber jewellery is designed to be worn, it is not for chewing

  • We recommend that a child should be supervised while wearing jewellery.


What can I do if the jewellery item is faulty?

  • We will replace the item or refund your purchase price in full.

  • For a replacement, please return the item and enclose a stamped, reply envelope.


How do I Claim a Refund?

  • Please return the goods to Forever Amber in original condition for a full refund.


Customer Feedback

  • My toddler was so miserable teething and drooled so much that the day care workers joked they had to follow him about with a mop! After wearing his teething necklace for a few hours I had a smiling, pain free and DRY child. Thank you Forever Amber. Karen Qld.

  • Amazing teething amber. First night’s sleep I have had for three months. Suzy NSW

  • This is amazing! I was a sceptic but it works! My baby now sleeps! Thank you :)

  • 2nd purchase & again, another great buy. Thanks

  • Lovely product, second one purchased for a friend A++ for product

  • Fantastic. Happy baby.

  • Exactly what I was looking for thank you. Will definitely refer people on.

  • Beautiful product, well made!