Baltic Amber for Teething Babies, Amber Jewellery, Beads

and Amber Fossils

Buy WHOLESALE Baltic amber baby teething necklaces, anklets and beads. No ABN needed, no forms to fill in, just buy $150 or more at our wholesale prices to qualify for this great deal.

  • We are Australia’s amber specialists, we deal only in amber.

  • As an authority in amber we are asked to authenticate amber for collectors and for insurance purposes.

  • Our baby Baltic amber jewellery is hand-made in Lithuania by a small family business that we have been dealing with for fifteen years. 

  • They are proud of the quality of their products and only use “jewellery grade” amber in their traditionally made jewellery. 

  • All amber sold by us, whether it is from the Baltic region, the Dominican Republic or Mexico, is inspected by us and comes with our guarantee of authenticity.

  • It is worth noting that there are no significant amounts of fake amber coming from any of these regions.

  • Because of the shortage of large pieces of amber (see FAQ – “is it true there is a shortage of Baltic amber?) fake amber is being produced and comes mainly from China. It is of large pieces, some with insect inclusions.

  • The small pieces of amber used in baby jewellery are mainly collected from the coast of the Baltic Sea, where it is washed up from the sea bed (amber floats in salt water) or dug up from the ground.

  • The scare campaign surrounding “fake baby amber” suits some sellers.


  • Orders received before 2:00pm weekdays will be posted that day.